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10Blade is Alternative Modern Rock

10Blade was formed in April of 2008, comprised with musicians from all genres of music including: rock, blues, jazz, R&B, metal, punk, and alternative rock backgrounds.
Our goal, as entertainers, is to provide an “In Your Face” unique approach and atmosphere that is a little different from all other bands.
We have been honored to share the stage with bands like….. Hawthorne Heights, Versus the Earth, Taproot, Loving the Lie, Silvertung, Self-Centered, P.U.S.H., Ghost of War, After Midnight Project, FUNKMNKYZ, MillionProof Betty Ford Dropouts, Backside Jones, Playground Etiquette, Lizzy Borden, Carbonstone and So many more to come!

In the summer of 2011, 10Blade was signed by Tate Music Group. We happily recorded our debut album Torn Between that is due out Feb of 2012.

We have interviewed live with DJ Matt Davis and had the opportunity to play Noise in the Basement. We have hit the major music venues in Baltimore including Sinix, Bourbon Street, Recher Theatre, and Rams Head Live. And we have covered a lot of bars in the local Baltimore Metro Music Scene but have hit areas around Delaware and PA.

10Blade strives to bring high energy and heart pounding music to each club/bar/venue/event that they have the opportunity to rock. The harder the crowd rocks, the harder they rock. They encourage crowd participation at every show making their patron/band interaction a special and intimate encounter each and every time. 10Blade is an alternative modern rock original band that plays covers as well and they are prepared to make a lot of noise!
If you loved them as BREECH then continue to love them as 10BLADE!!!

10Blade is All About Their Fans!

"We always wanna make sure that we especially thank our families for the sacrifice and support that provides the backbone for 10Blade"

"WITHOUT YOU, WE ARE NOT POSSIBLE!!!! and we love you very much!"

"Last, but not least, a “special” thanks goes out to our friends and our loyal fans: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING!!!!! Lets get ready for a new journey!"

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Now Let’s Rock With 10Blade!!!


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