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The members of 15 Minutes band are veterans of the tri-state area music scene for over 10 years. The varied influences and styles each member brings to the band creates the perfect mix. It consists of longtime friends and former band mates who have found a niche together in this newly formed project.

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15 Minutes Band – Robb Pipes – Drums

Self-taught hard hitting drummer since 1995. I have played in many local bands and have graced the stage with a lot of talent over the years like KGB (Killer Garage Band), Mischief, Wicked Jack, Reign, Troublemaker (the name suits them) and Burning Mercury. After quitting Burning Mercury I thought I would give up playing for good. I am really FUCKING happy that 15 Minutes found me. I had always heard awesome things about them, and am more than psyched that I am now officially in the band. I abuse my Tama Drums, I crack my Sabian Cymbals, I break my Vik Firth drum sticks, smoke comes off my DW pedals, and I dent the shit out of my Aquarian drum heads!!! I feel this is my time to kick ass. Thank you 15 Minutes for giving me the opportunity, you guys are awesome!

15 Minutes Band – Mike Lowther – Bass Guitar

It’s been many moons since I got the rock & roll bug. Since the age of 14, I have been on a musical journey that includes everything from southern rock to hair metal and thrash. Influenced by Geddy Lee, Steve Harris, Geezer Butler, and Billy Sheehan, I cut my teeth in various styles, from bangin’ with SHAMELESS to thrashin’ with HANGMAN. I eventually graduated to a local supergroup called FELL DANGER, doing note for note QUEENSRYCHE covers (five part harmonies and all!!). Once that ran its course, I helped form an all original project called PEACEMAKER, the tail end of which would bring Billy Red into my life, and I haven’t looked back since.

We formed ELIZABETH’S FURNACE, an all original endeavor that, believe it or not, melded the sounds of PINK FLOYD and ZEPPELIN with a hint of QUEENSRYCHE. How cool is that??!! Later, I enjoyed a stint with Billy Red in TANGENT featuring Mike Lance rippin’ the guitar and Gary Smith smokin’ the drums and backups. Man, the ZEP covers were awesome!! Sadly, Gary moved away and the great depression set in, as neither Billy nor I would be happy playing without the right caliber of musicians. Eventually, fate would smile, and FIFTEEN MINUTES fell into place. With great guys like Wild Bill, hard hittin’ Robb, Billy Red, and the almighty Curt, the chemistry is just right. So buckle up ’cause WE WILL ROCK YOU!

15 Minutes Band – Billy "Red" – Lead Vocals

I’ve been jammin’ for years! My range of influences is wide. I collect BMI royalty checks from 2 songs that were signed by Warner Brothers that I wrote and performed with legendary guitarist Carl Burnett in New York.

I come from a musical family; everyone plays an instrument and sings. I started studying the drums in the 80’s (too shy to be on stage without something to hide behind) under Dave Goiser and Mark Whitesides.

A few years later Mark and I moved to Florida with our ladies. He invited me to guest sing with his band and I was hooked, singing with various bands in Florida for a couple years. I moved back to the Fairfax area and joined up with Mike Lance, Roger O’Dell, and Mark Whitesides to form TANGENT. A kick ass original band, we rocked all the clubs in the tri-state area. 4 years and 2 CDs later we fell apart, opening the door for another kick ass original band ELIZABETH’S FURNACE with Mike Lance, Ginny Lance, and Mike Lowther. I played drums in this band as well as singing lead (fun stuff). 3 years and 2 CDs later we fell apart, which reignited TANGENT with Gary Smith kickin’ the beat for 3 1/2 years and 1 CD.

Then Gary moved away (what a drag). I was jamming with COLD SELLER when a friend introduced me to Wild Bill. After 2 big greasy footprints, 15 Minutes was formed. After a few musician changes the band is now truly tighter, stronger, and better than ever. Thanks Curt, Bill, Mike, and Robb.

15 Minutes Band – Bill Dongoski – Lead & Rhythm Guitar

I’ve been playing for a few years on and off, and have played with a few bands years ago. In 2006 I hooked up with a killer guitar player and realized we made a good team. Through a mutual friend I met Billy who said he knew an awesome drummer and bass player. After some greasy footprints in my music room, a few cases of beer, a bottle of tequila and a stripper named Bambi, 15 Minutes was formed. It was a rough beginning but I think we’re going to make it now.

My influences range from the blues to country music to the hardcore shit. My biggest influences are Billy, Robb, Mike and Curt.

15 Minutes Band – Curt Shaw – Lead Guitar

I’ve been playing for quite a while now. In the past, I’ve played in various bands in Illinois. I was also in Kulprit, Black Aggie, Kryptic, and Innerface in the Baltimore area. I like all types of music from classic country to heavy metal. Some of my favorite guitar players are Yngwie Malmsteen, George Lynch, Michael Schenker, James Murphy, Steve Vai, the guitarists in Mercyful Fate, and Randy Rhoads. Other bands that I love are Testament, old Metallica, Judas Priest, Megadeth, Anthrax, and King Diamond.

I saw an ad posted by 15 Minutes band stating that they were looking for a guitar player. The only requirements were: must have a four-wheel drive, a canoe for when the bridge is out, and a snow shovel. Actually being able to play guitar was optional. I thought, “Hey, that’s me!”. So here I am.

15 Minutes Band at Break Away II Sports Lounge

But seriously, 15 Minutes Band is a great bunch of guys, all very talented. I think we are going to make some great music and have some killer times!  15 Minutes Rocks!

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