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Shermansdale-based Adrian Blitzer stitches together bands like Staind, Linkin Park, Disturbed, and Drowning Pool to form a Frankenstein monster of aggressive modern rock. These 105.7 The X poster boys have developed a grisly musical catalog that will give you a black eye, steal your lunch money, and knock up your sister. "We describe our music as having the melody of Creed, but the intensity of Godsmack," says vocalist Andy Smith, citing influences such as Korn, Deftones, and Tool. Adrian Blitzer’s live set is peppered with cover tunes straight from the hard rock Top 200 charts, including songs by Disturbed, Saliva, Nickelback, and Papa Roach.

The Adrian Blitzer Show

"The Adrian Blitzer live show is full of hills and valleys," says Smith. "There are very high, intense moments and there are also low, calm points." Adrian Blitzer began as a basement jam in July 1999 involving Smith, guitarist Kevin Nelson, and drummer Jeremy Kline. "Kevin then realized that he knew of two brothers (Brian and Brandon Finney) that could fill the void for where a bass guitar and rhythm guitar should be," Smith explains. "We all came together, fit perfectly, and the rest is history."

Adrian Blitzer at Break Away II

Since that time, Adrian Blitzer has released their debut album, Foaming at the Mouth, performed at venues throughout Central Pa., and even managed to snag some air time on 105.7 The X. "To me, our career highlight was being played on the radio," Smith says. "There is nothing that gives you more of that sense of accomplishment than hearing your name and original music on the radio." The band will head back into the studio this month to begin work on the next album.

Adrian Blitzer Fans Comments

“Hey Andy! Thanks for your support last night! Was pretty cool to see you out there! Much appreciated, …”

“Thanks for having us last night! What a blast…yes, we should definitely do it again soon!”

“Thanks again guys. Last night was a blast. You guys rock. ”

“Hey Guys!! How’s it going? It has been awhile, right? Tooo long! Looks like u guys are doing great. The schedule looks awesome! Def can’t wait to play a show together again…always a blast”

Adrian Blitzer Full Time

"We’d all like to do this for a living," claims Smith. "It’s something that we love. We pour our hearts into this, and to do that full-time would be amazing." For more info on Adrian Blitzer, visit the band on-line at  Adrian Blitzer on Facebook

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