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After The Fall, founded in 2008, set out to rewrite what the idea of the modern rock sound is by blending the best of old school melodies with the drive and power of current day rock. In the beginning they started as just a jam band but quickly discovered a knack for crafting originals that had a new and different sound.

Their first single Glow was written in late spring 2008 followed by Ex…hale in the summer of 2009. After spending some time crafting new ideas and sounds, the song Take You Down emerged from seemingly out of no where, and took over the radio waves during the Christmas holiday in 2010. From that point on the band has been on a roll, writing five more original songs in the span of a year.

With tour dates coming in the summer of 2012 they looked to the future as they prepare to complete their debut album and continue their meteoric rise in the world of music.

Artists After the Fall Likes

Crossfade, Breaking Benjamin, Sevendust, Disturbed, Five Finger Death Punch, Fuel, Chevelle, Seether, Three Days Grace , Staind, Metallica, Alice In Chains, Nirvana

Genre Modern Rock, Post Grunge, Alternative Metal

After the Fall Members

Josh Baumgardner 23: Guitar/ Vocals
Michael Rhodes 25: Bass
Jake Cooper 18: Drums
Aaron Betts 20: Lead Guitar

Hometown Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

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After the Fall Influences Aaron Lewis, David Draiman, Jim Root, Ed Sloan, James Hetfield, Slash, Carl Bell

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