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Originally founded in September 2002, Alive-n-Kickin‘ has gone through a progressive evolution into its current state. All five members are seasoned veterans of the music scene with exceptional talent and vocal ability that culminates into one of the top live shows around. Add to this a concert size production and you have the best 80’s hard rock/heavy metal band on the Eastern seaboard. Words cannot describe the essence and profoundness that is Alive-n-Kickin‘.

The premier 80’s hard rock/heavy metal band in the mid-Atlantic area, Alive-n-Kickin’ covers all styles of big hair/loud guitar music from that era. The area’s top players that honed their crafts with the top local 80’s acts of the past have come together to forge a unity of 80’s musical intensity that can only be described as otherworldly. The music is delivered with power and excellence along with unparalleled 5-part vocal harmonies that will captivate the listener. Add in an energizing and stunning stage production and you have the finest total package band in the area.

Visit our song page to see the entire gamut of songs AnK plays. New songs are added frequently and the band has enough tunes in it’s repertoire to cater to any musical event. You will hear songs unique to the ability of the musicians in Alive-n-Kickin’. To experience Alive-n-Kickin’
is to experience the essence of musical intensity and integrity. To fully comprehend this profound statement you must see Alive-n-Kickin’ yourself.

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