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Battery is the Master of Metallica

In Nov. 1998 BATTERY opens for METALLICA for all sold-out dates of the GARAGE INC. Tour. Venues include:
The Aragon Ballroom- Chicago, The State Theatre-Detroit, Roseland Ballroom-NYC; Philadelphia & Toronto.

James Hetfield says, “It was fun to see us live, finally!”

Lars Ulrich answering a question about young bands Metallica has inspired, “Beatles, Rolling Stones, and

Jason Newstead says, “They take it to our level! That’s pretty cool!”

The METALLICA Club Magazine, SO WHAT! Vol #2 Issue #4, Editorial by Lars Ulrich endorses the band.

Sept 2006 they returned for three shows in Puerto Rico including The Hard Rock Cafe in San Juan and an
acoustic unplugged show filmed live for Puerto Rican Music TV.

April 2006 they headlined the first annual MIDTALLICA BASH in Chicago for the Chicago chapter of the
Metallica Fan Club.

June 2004 they returned to Missoula, Montana Metal Festival opening for VINCE NEIL, LOVERBOY,

Battery Makes Metal History

BATTERY has officially secured a spot in the Heavy Metal History Books by being acknowledged as the opening band for Metallica in this book: The Complete Headbanging History of Heavy Metal, by Ian Christe, 2003.

June 2003 they playedMissoula, Montana Metal Festival opening for POISON, VINCE NEIL, SKID ROW &

April 2003 they played LIVESTOCK 13 in Tampa, Florida opening for GODSMACK, DEF LEPPARD,
THREE DOORS DOWN, Saliva, Stone Sour and more.

April 2002 BATTERY plays LIVESTOCK 12 in Tampa Florida, opening for KID ROCK, ROB ZOMBIE,

Feb 2000 they were featured on MTV as one of the premier tribute bands in the world and voted Best
Metallica Tribute Band by MTV.

Sept 2000 BATTERY opened for FUEL, NICKLEBACK and LIFEHOUSE at Jacksonville Florida’s PLANET-
FEST 2000 for 95.5 Planet Radio.

March 1999 BATTERY interview featured in Metallica’s, SO WHAT! Fan Club Magazine Vol #6 Issue #1.

March 1999 GUITAR Magazine, “Impressive set by Metallica cover band BATTERY” A review of the Nov 23rd Roseland Ballroom METALLICA/BATTERY Show.

June 1999 they were featured in GUITAR MAGAZINE in an article titled, A Day in the Life of BATTERY!

Nov 1999 they were mentioned on cover of USA TODAY, announcing the upcoming METALLICA & BATTERY Tour.

METAL EDGE Magazine, April 1999 said, “BATTERY did METALLICA Justice!” and “You could hardly tell the difference!” From an article entitled METALLICA UNDERCOVER.

Battery Web Site

Their interview & picture was featured with METALLICA in KERRANG! Magazine from London, England, December 12th, 1998 issue.

Lead singer of BATTERY was invited to audition for METALLICA to fill in for an injured James Hetfield, during the METALLCA/Guns & Roses Tour.

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