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Big Marge at Break Away II

Big Marge will play in a garage for one person or a stadium for 5 million!

They are a straight forward Rock and Roll band out of Shippensburg, PA. They formed in early 2011 for the pure joy and love of making rock n’ roll love to your ears!
Their self-description is "One mean bitch, headed to a town near you!
Band Interests
Their interests are Mudsharking…

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With a Rock & Roll genre, Big Marge members are;

Aaron Pyne: Lead Vocals
Ray Cressler: Keys, Mouth Harp, Vox
Mark Sanford: Drums, Vox
Floyd Hendrickson: Guitar/Slide Guitar
Andy Richards: Bass
Anthony Adams: Guitar/Vox

Big Marge influences are Led Zeppelin, Ac/Dc, Clutch, The Beatles, ZZ-Top, and many more

Big Marge will teach you to love rock and roll all over again!

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