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Blackwater Still is Hard Roc

Blackwater Still comes to us straight from their hometown of Martinsburg, WV.

Blackwater Still Band

Vocals: Steve Foltz
Lead Guitar: Tommy "T-Bone" James
Rythm Guitar: Chris" Frenchy" Fuqua
Bass Guitar: Steve "Shaggy" DeLawder
Drums: Tom "Happy Feet" Dean

Record Label Seen them peel right off of the bottle…..

About Blackwater Still

From the depths of hell’s BLACKWATER emerges a band that brews hard hitting metal, classic rock, and blues into a refined bold taste that is sure to leave you in a hair thrashing, head banging, heart pounding, fist flying, calm of STILL drunken stupor.  Their influences Metallica, Quiet Riot, Godsmack, Drowing Pool, AC/DC, Velvet Revolver, Black Label Society and anything in between.

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Band Interests Beer, Music, Mayhem, the Shine, nonsense, being a wrench in the gears (its how we roll) more beer, fire, beer…you get the idea

These guys are anything but ordinary. They are as far from ordinary as you can get. But what else could you expect? You take the likes of Godsmack, Metallica, AC/DC and Drowning Pool, roll them up, throw them in a box, shake them till they explode into outer space and what do you get? Total mayhem and excitement. Once they get in your head you can’t get them out.  They are Blackwater Still.

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