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Dirty Deal Band Live in Hagerstown

Formed in the early 80’s and continuing today, Dirty Deal is widely known in the Mid-Atlantic region for their brand of rock and energizing live shows.

About Dirty Deal

A Maryland-based( Hometown – Hagerstown, MD) hard rock band that was formed in the 80’s and continues today. Originally starting out as The Shift; personnel and management changes led to a recording contract. Record producer, Kim Fowley suggested the band change it’s name and Dirty Deal was born from the ashes of The Shift.

After the band’s Kim Fowley ( of the GTO’s fame ) produced debut was pulled from shelves when a stru…ggling Erika Records filed bankruptcy, the band experienced lineup changes under the guidance of vocalist Terry Miller. Continuing into the 90’s with the lineup which is now Dirty Deal, the band enjoyed three additional releases and continues today writing and performing between the member’s varying projects.

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Dirty Deal Genre is Rock

Dirty Deal members are Members Terry Miller ( vocals ), Scott Blake ( guitar, vocals ), Steve Spinoe ( drums, vocals ), Bryan Kimes ( bass, vocals ).

Their influences are Candlebox, Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden, Cry of Love, Brother Cain, Monster Magnet.

Dirty Deal will rock your world.

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