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DriftPlan – Americana/Straight Up Rock

DriftPlan makes music but there’s more to the story..and here it is….it was 1994 at plum point middle school when a skinny 7th grader with a metallica shirt on named Kevin Nicholson Jr met another 7th grader that was already in the shaving stages and had more chest hair than Burt Reynolds, that was Shayne Hudson. The two were both interested in playing music and wanted to try and start a band.

They got together while Kevin was on the drums and Shayne played the guitar and sang. They tried a lot of things for a few years and finally found a few other musicians in the middle and high school scene that were more than willing to join a band. After a few years and some line up changes they became known as a hardcore metal band "Chaos Rein". They played many shows and built a huge following in the Calvert County area.
It took them until after they graduated.

Kevin left the band in late 1999 but Shayne continued with the group. It was about 2001 when Kevin contacted Shayne wanting to try something different. Both parting ways from the hard rock and focusing on a more acoustic type sound they formed "Hudson". Shayne was on the acoustic guitar and Kevin was on the drums with Ben Branch originally on bass guitar. Ben left the group to do other things in music and Kevin and Shane
were trying to find a bassist. They did. It was Kevin’s younger brother Kenny who was an up and coming guitarist but had never messed with a bass. Kevin told him "you wanna play with the big boys u better learn this thing". And he did, really fast and really good at that.

The three played for a good while as Hudson until Shayne decided he wanted to pursue his music career further and moved to Baltimore to play music full time. Shayne continued with fellow musician Mike Prout and they were known as "Hudson and Prout". Shayne later formed the group "PromiseLab" and found great success in the group.

While in the mean time Kevin and Kenny were both playing in a few different bands in Calvert County. Then in 2005 Kevin decided to put his music path on hiatus and became a correctional officer for Prince Georges County Md where he would have no weekends off or time to commit to a band. Kevin and Shayne still kept in contact with each other and still had a great understanding and respect for one another and both felt the
gap for the years they had not played music along side each other.  It was about 2007 while Shayne was still going strong with the Baltimore scene, Kevin was able to play music again without the tension of a hectic work schedule. Kevin and Kenny decided to start a band with their father Kevin Nicholson Sr. and old family friend Chuck Lucas who both were formerly of "Hot Ice". They reformed and called themselves "One More
Time" playing mostly at bars, parties and benefits.

In 2010 Shayne Hudson decided to pack up and leave Baltimore and head to his hometown of Calvert County Md. Kevin immediately contacted Shayne and the two talked about possibly starting another project. In June of 2010 Shayne recorded "One More Time" at a practice and was impressed at Kevin singing. This being the skinny kid that couldn’t carry a note who stuttered and had a squeaky voice as a teen. Shayne immediately asked
Kevin and Kenny to get together and jam just for fun. They agreed with Kevin on bass and vocals, Kenny on lead guitar, Shayne on guitars and vocals and old friend Jeremy Nadzadi on the drums.

They played for a few weeks just jamming on a few tunes not having any direction until one day Kevin came to practice with a song he had written. The song was called "Home". The four guys knew they had something pretty unique and original with the tune and they started to develop a sound that they were very happy with. They came up with a name "DriftPlan" and set list and decided to start playing live shows. One of there
first shows was in January for 98Rock’s NITB with Matt Davis. They then played many shows within a short period of time and were starting to develop more power and attitude in their songwriting and live shows with Kevin now doing 90% of all the lead vocals they were known for there song writing, harmonies and cranking guitar riffs with those edgy breakdowns and cut riffs.

They opened for several national acts such as Taproot, Me Talk Pretty and KIX. In June of 2011 Jeremy left the band and was replaced by power house drummer Danny Cowan. Driftplan was going strong and working on their independent debut record "The Days That Followed" released in 2011.

So that’s the story and we are sticking to it. DRIFTPLAN BABY….and the (barely) famous first words of every DriftPlan show that roar thru the PA from Kevin…."ARE WE READY TO DO THIS"……Thanks to all of you who support us and come to our shows. We love seeing you there and we just wanted to tell you how this all came about.

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DriftPlan Members

Shayne Hudson- Vocals & Guitar
Kevin Nicholson- Vocals & Bass
Kenny Nicholson- Lead Guit
Danny Cowan- Drums

DriftPlan Interests

Family, friends, cookouts and playing music.

Genre – Americana/Straight up rock

Current Location  – Edgewater Maryland

DriftPlan Rocks

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