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A Little About Evelyn’s Ashes

With their 13-track debut album “Far Away” currently selling throughout northeast America, Evelyn’s Ashes has begun to spread their unique sound globally across the internet. With powerful lyrics, catchy hooks, and a heavy yet melodic sound, EA has the attention of rock goers worldwide.

Since 2005, the members of Evelyn’s Ashes have had one common goal. To write music with feeling. And with that goal, they have been touching the hearts of fans with their music and a high energy show that you will soon not forget.

Now working with Philadelphia-based producer, David Ivory, the band is developing their unique sound with a truely seasoned professional. Having worked with bands, such as, Halestorm and Silvertide (among many others), David Ivory brings the experience needed to make a great album. From the first trip to the studio with Ivory, they knew it was the right fit. With the highly anticipated upcoming EP, the band is ready for what the future brings…
Evelyn’s Ashes has shared the stage with such national acts as Sevendust, Papa Roach, Cold, 10 Years, Fuel, Rev Theory, Hurt, Taproot, Nonpoint, Dokken, Warrant, & Smile Empty Soul.

Evelyn’s Ashes Band Members

Chris Cutshall (lead guitar), Freddie Hansen (guitar, vocals), Wes Myers (lead vocals), Adam Lefevre (bass, vocals), Ted Hile (drums)

Who we talked to: Cutshall

Chris told Flipside that the bands name, Evelyn’s Ashes, came to him while surfing the web for new band names. He came across the name Evelyn. Then “ashes” popped into his head. He shared the idea with the band members. The rest is history.

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What Causes Evelyn’s Ashes to Tick?

They are into Metallica and Godsmack and heavier type music. All their guitar riffs come from a metal background. (Myers) comes from more of an acoustic style and incorporates a lot of that into his singing, so it’s a different sound when he sings. Even on the covers they do, he’ll incorporate an acoustic version of the song into the vocals. But it’s definitely rock.

Evelyn’s Ashes influences are Metallica and Godsmack, Bullet For My Valentine, Disturbed, Staind, Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace. The biggest influence for them is if the song has feeling. He looks for that in everything. It can’t be telling only one story. It has to affect you the same way it affects them — maybe in a different manner, but it has to teach both of us something.

What songs do they or would they like to cover? “So Cold” from Breaking Benjamin. The energy and the stage show they put into that song, it goes over well. And “Aerials” from System of a Down. Every time they play those, the energy on stage is just unreal.
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One thing about this band is they critique each other, and every person has something to work on. They’ve been doing that from day one, and they continually try and tighten up the music, their stage show and write original music. They never wanna say they’re done. Now that is Evelyn’s Ashes!

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