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05212016 - Ever Rise Band

"Ever Rise" consists of 5 guys that know how to rock ya.. The musicianship in this band is unequalled in the tri state area.. Top notch talent, and top notch production. This band picks songs with one thing in mind, dancing!!! If you can’t dance to it, we don’t play it….With a varied selection of rock music from the last 4 decades, Ever Rise will keep you on the floor all night!!! Bob (Jak) Pare is one of the best guitar players to come out of this area. Period. His playing style will astound you!!! With Kyle Schuler on vocals, Ever Rise can play any song out there with confidence… He Rocks! Jimmy Rickerd has the other guitar slot.. He’s been around a long time and knows how to rock ya….John Wampole has the Bass position… If you’ve never heard him play, your in for a treat…. Rounding out this line up is Jeff Dick on the drums… Rock solid…. Nuff said…. We’ve all been in successful bands around the tri state area for years. (Too many to mention) .. This line up is a dream come true… Awesome vocals and musicianship…. Hope to see you at a show soon!!!!!








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