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FITH – The Band Reborn

After a few years hiatus, and a brief run as “Kill Screen”… FITH is back !

We are a work in progress…aren’t we all… FITH was realized a few years back and has evolved into more than music, it is potential energy realized.

We’re from here and there, two related…. three not. Finding ourselves on a regular basis and explaining it to you by electronic amplification. We call the stage home, each other brother, and consider all of you family.

This train started in Harrisburg and has continued to move with increasing force. Some got off, others got on, jokes were told, and laughs were shared. No idea where the next stop is but we hope to see you there.

All About FITH

Band Interests:  Chevelle, Tool, Incubus and Breaking Benjamin

Our genre is Alternative / Hard Rock / Metal

Our members are

Adam Snyder – Vocals ;

Andy Brightbill – Bass ;

Brandon Snyder – Drums ;

Our website:   Fith Band on MySpace

Don Price – Guitars, back vocals

FITH Hometown:   Harrisburg, Pa.

Our Influences:   Our lives and a search for something bigger

We want you to get on the FITH train and fall in love with the ride!

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