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Gelatinous Hannah is the name of the band that Crazy Bob and Ginger Bob have assembled. They’ve put together a set list of about 5, possibly 6 songs to perform that they know you would love to hear.  They made their debut on August 6th, 2010. It was one outstandingly fantastic time.  If you missed it, it was your loss.

Gelatinous Hannah Starts Up

You see Niki Bob’s birthday falls on August 5th and Ginger Bob’s quickly follows on August 6th so they thought they would celebrate with EVERYONE they possibly could!! From that idea Crazy Bob took it one step further and said, "Why don’t we perform a few songs that night?"  Ginger Bob immediately jumped on board that idea!! The band members include: Crazy Bob (guitar), Justin Parks (Guitar), Randy Shaffer (drums), and Rich Hensley (bassist), and Ginger Bob on vocals. Randy and Rich are currently part of the band Metaghius and Justin Parks is in Dean Cramer’s So Low and several other bands.

Turns out Ginger Bob is the only one who has never been part of a band and that makes her nervous, but also even more excited!! They have all been super supportive! She couldn’t ask for a more comfortable situation. She couldn’t wait to perform!!! This is an open invite for everyone to join us any time we play. If you are going to come out for dinner you NEED to come early because we expect Break Away II Sports Lounge to be packed any night we perform there.  Also make sure you listen to 101.5 Bob Rocks for any new developments with Gelatinous Hannah.

How Gelatinous Hannah Got it’s Name

As far as the story behind the band name: well we have the one and only Hannah Bob who works here. She is the inspiration behind the name Gelatinous Hannah. It’s sort of an inside joke at the station so I won’t completely give it away, but yes she is our muse so to speak. Thanks Hannah Bob!!

Hope you join us for an awesome birthday celebration Bob Rocks and Gelatinous Hannah style!!

Gelatinous Hannah Home Page

Gelatinous Hanna, just like Bob, ROCKS!

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