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Sauce is a High Energy hard rock cover band from Waynesboro, PA, Covering bands like Chevelle, STP, Pantera, Rage Against the Machine, Staind, and Tool, just to name a few…

“We are not your typical cover band, we dare to be different by covering bands that you typically do not hear in the local clubs“- Sauce.

A Little Sauce History

Formed in 2008, they are comprised of five talented musicians from Maryland and Pennsylvania, with a diverse musical background, from classic Jazz to Modern Rock…

Sauce started hitting the Pennsylvania and Maryland music scene in Mid March 2009. Performing with established bands, allowing them to quickly build a fan base for the type of Rock we perform. Our fans continue to enquire about more and more shows.

The Sauce Band is:

Kyle Stuhler — lead vocals
Rodney McKay — bass, vocals
Terry Kerns — guitar, vocals
Chris Forester — drums, vocals

Although the songs they cover are familiar and fun, they add their own funky and unique style to every song. Their sound tickles and troubles the ear with its strong melodies, freewheeling whimsy, shrewd covers, anything-goes improvisation, and head-nodding grooves which all driven by tweaked-out beats.

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Mix in all of the best music from the last 30 years and current groove oriented, hard music, with an edge….add four piece band with former members of regionally popular bands…..all in one pot….and you get sauce…we know how to have a good time, and want to come help you have a good time, sauce is good with anything, perfect to spice it up a bit…..mmmmm, that is SAUCEY……come check out Sauce!

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