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Ghost of War Band

we play everything from originals to cover tunes… a little something for everyone for sure!

Band Interests: Playing songs, rockin & rollin & what not…and most importantly…having fun !!!

Artists We Also Like if Joey Belladonna sings it…Ronnie likes it !!!

Taking little pieces of their personal and musical influences and combining them so they explode like a nuclear blast. They combine metal, thrash,hardcore, punk, country, bluegrass and straight ahead rock n roll, to create their own unique sound.

Long time veterans of the Mid-Atlantic’s “music scene”, the members of Ghost of War are first and foremost…fans of music and t…hey have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to come together and create the band that they always wanted to see and hear.

Starting from the ground up, drawing from years of experience, and bringing the know how of what to do and what not to do to make this band successful.

As far as our music goes and the "cover tunes" we chose to play,we play what we think you folks are gonna like,because we like it ,and we cant be the only 4 people out there that likes it…soo we hope you do too.and we hope ya stick with us

They say that 2012 is the end,but we say this is only the beginning!!!

The main battle cry for Ghost of War is “no compromise.”

The band, Ronnie, Thane, Jim, and Gary have only one thing in mind…ROCK N ROLL ! Proudly sponsored by Jagermeister music & Clayton guitar accesories.

Ghost of War is PROUDLY SPONSORED by the following…EXCLUSIVELY: JAGERMEISTER & JAGER MUSIC (nation wide).


Thane Farace – Guitars
Ronnie Peterson – Vocals
Jim Mathis – Drums
Gary Daniels – bass

– The WAR crew –
Ray Alvarez – Guitar Tech,
Sound Man,
Stage/Lighting Engineer.

Hometown Gettysburg PA


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