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Girls Girls Girls Motley Crue Tribute

Girls Girls Girls is the world’s first and best all-girl tribute to Motley Crue. Red Lips. Fingertips.

Girls Girls Girls, the world’s first and greatest all-girl tribute to Motley Crue, hails from New York City and has taken the world by storm since their breakout performance at a New Jersey strip club in 2007.

The band consists of four dynamic women whose energies explode when hitting the stage. Blonde heartthrob and frontwoman Vixen Neil charms and captivates audiences with her fierce vocals and outrageous stage antics.

Mercedes Mars, an accomplished musician from years on the NYC metal and punk scene, commands the lead solos with ease and finesse.

Tiny powerhouse Tawny Lee provides the hard and steady backbone on drums, while occasionally wooing the crowd on other songs that call for keys or rhythm guitar.

California newcomer Lucky Sixx puts the bad-ass in bass while stealing your heart.
The GIRLS have thrilled audiences in Alaska, Las Vegas (Orleans Arena) and cities in the Northeast, as well as performing at the top venues in New York City. GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS has recently been featured on VH1 Classic’s new and very popular “That Metal Show,” hosted by EDDIE TRUNK, and was the featured tribute band for the popular video game ROCKBAND 2’s Band Book.
Known for their wild stage outfits, consisting of sexy chic rocker attire adorned with leather, chains, spikes and thigh-high boots, the band delivers the music with a flirtatiously feminine twist. The band covers all eras of the Crue musically, without trying to emulate the look of any specific era. They have been dubbed the “Vixens of Metal” by radio host Crazy John of OSHRadio, a sentiment echoed by fans wherever they play. Audiences are usually loudly clamoring the chant “GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS!” as the band takes the stage at any given venue. The demand for live appearances of the GIRLS has been increasing steadily with offers to play throughout the United States and abroad as their fan base widens daily.

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Girls covers all eras of Motley Crue musically without trying to emulate one specific look, retaining some of their own originality in the process. Embodying the same decadence and spirit of rock that the world’s most notorious rock band made famous, every show is a party!! Expect all the same dirty, old-school rock’n’roll fire and excitement of the live Crue, but amped up with a little more hairspray and higher heels. Don’t miss the party when they blast through your town! Girls Girls Girls – all they want to do is to melt your face off, in the sweetest way possible!

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