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Kashmir — The Nation’s #1 Led Zeppelin Show

Kashmir is the nation’s #1 tribute to Led Zeppelin! No wigs! No BS, just a killer saluet to the greatest rock band ever! For over 6 years they have been paying tribute to Led Zeppelin! Fans all over the United States agree that they are the greatest tribute to Led Zeppelin Ever!

The band was started in 2002 by lead singer, Jean Violet. Jean decided early on that if he was going to form a tribute band, he was going to go all out. His goal was to recreate the music of Led Zeppelin, as well as have the audiences relive the visual experience.

It wasn’t easy finding the right people but, after playing steadily through personnel changes for more than two years, Jean feels he finally has the perfect combination of talented musicians. With Andy Urban on guitars, Cary Keys on bass, keyboards and mandolin, and Paul Cooper on drums, Kashmir has evolved into the “well-oiled machine” that Violet was hoping to create.

Kashmir is as Close to Led Zeppelin as You can get!

Kashmir, The Led Zeppelin Show, is the most authentic and accurate representation of Led Zeppelin out there today. All 4 members of the band assume their individual roles with amazing accuracy. Kashmir brings the stage show, the sound, and likeness to bring your audience and patrons back to a day when the Mighty Led Zeppelin ruled the musical landscape. The play list of every classic rock station, the most identified voice in rock history, and the stage show including Pages bow solo, Theremin, the double neck guitar, Bonzo Drum Solo, the stage show of the era, and most importantly the greatest hits that make up the soundtrack to many people’s lives. The band features Jean Violet (Robert Plant) on vocals, Andy Urban (Jimmy Page) on lead guitar, Cary Keys (John Paul Jones) on bass, keys, mandolin and Paul Cooper (John “Bonzo” Bonham) on drums. Kashmir has played over 500 shows performing to crowds as large as 30,000 people and tours extensively.

The two comments the band receives most often are, “I never got to see Led Zeppelin and now I feel like I have,” and,” I saw Led Zeppelin in the 70′s and this band helped me relive the experience”. These comments are a testament to the band and the legacy of Led Zeppelin, which they are proud to recreate. They tour extensively and have performed over 500 shows playing to crowds as large as 30,000 fans. Their professionalism and showmanship has made them the Nations 1 Led Zeppelin Tribute.

They want every Zeppelin fan to feel that during the performance that they are getting as close as they can get to a live Led Zeppelin show. The band not only looks like Zeppelin without really trying (no wigs) but primarily is focused on the music and the vibe as they perform for their audience. Each member loves and appreciates playing the music of Led Zeppelin and they want that to be reflected as they perform for their audience. They will put you in another place and time, a journey into the mystical powers and spell binding music of Led Zeppelin. They will leave a spell on you singing your favorite tunes all the way home and wanting to come back for more.

This is Kashmir:

Jean Violet as (Robert Plant) on vocals and harps.

By 18, Jean was performing in the top clubs of Pittsburgh, PA with Avante Garde. Next Jean moved to the Big Apple to form Naked City which became one of the hottest hard rock bands on the NYC circuit in the early 90′s.

Later he was recruited to travel to Japan for World XXI and signed to Polydor (Japan’s division of Polygram Records) and recorded as well as toured Japan and the US.

Next Jean put together Time Of Dying. With TOD, Jean performed gigs at Madison Square Garden for the home games of the NY City Hawks Arena Football in ’97. He has also done extensive studio work including radio spots and commercials including one for Heineken which was broadcast on The Grammy’s of 2001 and continues to air worldwide.

Andy Urban as (Jimmy Page) on guitars and theremin

Born and raised in Staten Island N.Y., Andy has been performing in the music scene since the age of 16. Andy has performed in several cover bands such as Skin Tite, ACDC cover Live Wire and has recorded and toured with the band Hog. His classic mixture of high energy and tasteful soloing has made a lasting impression on fans and musicians alike. Andy comes from the “Jimmy Page is God” school of thought and list Led Zeppelin as his number one influence and inspiration. His bow solos and mesmerizing theremin spells have taken the crowds into another dimension. His performance personifies the wizardly Jimmy Page to make you feel as if you had just been in the master’s presence. Andy’s other influences are Ritchie Blackmore, Toni Iommi, and Angus Young . He also performs with the same guitars that Jimmy Page used and still uses on stage.

Paul Cooper as (John Bonham) on drums.

Paul started playing drums at the age of 9, his hands were too small at the time to play guitar. By the time he was 13 he was performing in Europe and by the age of 15 he was playing professionally in niteclubs. While in college, Paul toured and performed in a funk band in the mid-west. He even played in a jazz band at the time that toured as an opener for the Bob Hope show. By age 20 Paul returned to the East Coast played in several original projects and began making some good money as a session drummer in NYC. Paul had the opportunity to meet a lot of great people in the music business and word began to spread about his talent banging on the skins.

Paul grew up listening to Led Zeppelin and modeling himself after the less is more style of John Bonham, they were a match from first hit. The band agrees and is proud to have Paul on board with all of his energy and enthusiasm.

Cary Keys as (John Paul Jones) on bass, keyboards and mandolin.

Cary has been in numerous top cover-bands playing the original and cover circuit. He spent a number of years cutting his musical teeth in all the major clubs in NYC, New Jersey and Long Island. Cary also has shared the stage with major acts like Kings X, Ritchie Scarlet, ZEBRA and he was the opening act for UFO, where he had the pleasure of meeting Jason Bonham.

Led Zeppelin has always been a musical influence for Cary and when the opportunity to play with these tribute experts presented itself, the timing was perfect. Cary’s ability to emulate the textures and sounds that John Paul Jones brought to Led Zeppelin, makes him the perfect choice for this band. Cary would like to thank Jean, Paul and Andy for allowing him to be part of the total experience, and of course we all thank the fans! Without you, the fans, we probably would be playing Led Zeppelin songs in a garage somewhere!

“(Kashmir) hits you like a Hammer of the Gods.” –Boston Globe

“Has it been a long time since you rock and rolled? Then get ready to sweat, get ready to groove with Kashmir, the ultimate tribute to the Led Zeppelin experience.” — Goldstar

“…the nation’s top Led Zeppelin tribute, recreates the sound, look and energy of a live Zeppelin concert — from “Ramble On” to “Moby Dick” — at The Regent Theatre. Kashmir has worked to match every exacting detail of a Zep performance, from Jimmy Page’s bow solo in “Dazed and Confused” to the use of a eheremin during “Whole Lotta Love.”

Kashmir Homepage

We will rock your world on the Stairway to Heaven!


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