18 Egg Omelette Challenge

The Omelette Challenge has begun. On Friday morning, September 6, 2013 Bob Rocks 101.5 broadcast live from Break Away II Sports Lounge.  They were the official judges watching over our first two challengers in the Big-E-E-E-E Omelette event.

the omelette challenge judges

the 18 egg omelette challenge

Omelette Challenge Photos

This is the Big-E-E-E-E:

the Big-E-E-E-E Omlette


Here are the two challengers after about 30 minutes.


our first two challengers


Here is what remained after the hungriest challenger pushed away from the table and threw in the towel


here is what was leftover

It is a mountain of food.  Do you think you could succeed? Few people in the world will ever be able to complete our omelette challenge!