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Penntera is Pennsylvania’s rockin’ tribute to the mighty PANTERA! Hailing from South Central Pennsylvania, they have put together the "BEST" musicians they could find to pay tribute to one of the best, hard rockin metal bands that ever played on this planet. Although Pantera will never be again, they will always live in our hearts and this is the best way we could pay tribute to Dime, Vince, Rex and Phil!

Penntera Tribute to Pantera

Like Pantera, our shows are no BS! You will hear the best heavy and melodic vocals from Ryan, the shredding guitar work from Hawk (H.D.), the thumping, pumping bass by Teague, and the hard hitting, thrashing power grooves from Space on drums! We are very excited about this tribute!

 Although Pantera never got any radio air play, we would like to thank our great friends at 101.5 Bob Rocks in Greencastle, PA for having the Pantera Breakfast song of the Morning and for playing Pantera every single day in its rotation!!! Not many radio stations can claim that, if any at all! So Thank You, Bob! You Rock!

There are many tribute bands out there and they all sound great! But, our goal is to be the biggest band in the North East Region, if not the East Coast for the next decade and beyond! Because we are far beyond driven to pay homage to our musical heroes…if we were to sum up this band in one word…RESPECT! Those who oppose…WALK!

PANTERA lives through Penntera!

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Penntera band Rocks!

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