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Tim "Major Mit" Greiner, George Biggs, BJ Weigman, Jack Pollock and John Burkhart have joined forces to get you drinking and dancing and shouting out like you forgot you knew how to do.

Phoenix Rising is Steeped in Rock Tradition

Phoenix Rising creates a sound steeped in rock tradition with an eye and an ear for pop allure. Trained in the classroom and in hundreds of clubs along the mid-Atlantic coast, Phoenix Rising is on a quest to leave its fans panting for more after each and every show. So far, so good!

The Phoenix Rising Band members speak out:

Major Mit

Phoenix Rising’s Major Mit says “I cut my teeth on my older brothers’ Beatles and Mott the Hoople records, started playing keys and singing Ozzy and Zeppelin tunes as a wee lad. Got my first real taste of the stage as a lead singer in my highschool’s 50s Rock and Roll Revival…1,200 seats sold out every night for 10 shows a year…fun stuff. Did the LA glam thing with bands like Sanxuary and Sweet Seduction, did a stint with Shake the Faith and then formed The Crowded. The Crowded saw some local success and had plenty of work. But bands have this funny way of breaking up. Spent 6 years (that’s 600 in "band years") with Leftover where I met Jack. During that time I met and played along side George and BJ when they were still with Voicebox. Phoenix Rising is a best of all worlds project for me. Never before have I had the pleasure of working with this level of talent and cooperation.”


Phoenix Rising’s George says “I’ve played in bands and have recorded with BJ on and off for 20 years or so. I’ve been playing since I was 16 years old. My first influence was a local player, Jeff Adams. I enjoy most music., everything from STP and Queen, to Cold Play and Crowded House. The bands I have played with are Multiplex, L7, Objects, Lab Animals, and Fade to Grey. And performing with great musicians like Brian Durham, Spike, Andy Shriver, and Woody Lissaur.”


Phoenix Rising’s BJ says “Hey there fanatics! The only thing standing in between me and true bliss is a ’57 FENDER 4 string (mainly the P and the J as a kick, with a d down lever of course). My roots are in big band swing, r&b and blues rock. ACDC to Zep…not to mention Queen, and if it weren’t for Edgar Winter and Face Dancer I wouldn’t be strummin’ today. Growing up in the ruts of BMore,I hit the road at 15 for GOD’s country playing night clubs here, there and everywhere. As the old man in Phoenix Rising, I’m blessed to be onstage with a great bunch of dedicated talented players.”

Jack Pollock

Phoenix Rising’s Jack Pollock says “I started playing guitar at age 15 and started writing songs almost immediately. Went through countless garage bands (Apollo, Aftermathh, Stone Cutter, etc.) until forming Hardcore, which spent some time touring the Maryland, Pennsylvania circuit. Hardcore split up due to musical differences and I relocated to Baltimore.”

Phoenix Rising Band Homepage

After several failed attempts at forming a good band I gave up and pursued a career in business marketing. Finding that success in the business field didn’t fill that void inside—and after 10 years writing music in the basement and filing it away on a shelf—I’d had enough. I joined Fever Pitch and opened for heavy metal act Brittany Fox, but the band was short-lived and I decided to form the original band, LeftOver, where I met Major Mit.


John rocked the kit with Slip back in the day and was more recently seen with Chick Flick. John’s got great energy on stage and is known for the way he connects with the crowd, even when he’s tucked back there behind the drums.

Phoenix Rising band rocks!

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