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Tori Anderson & the Possum Holler Band

When you hear Tori Anderson sing you will believe her vocal chords are connected directly to her Heart… Always giving everything and wanting you to feel what she feels in the song! You must see her live! No one else but somewhat like Sheryl Crow, Bonnie Rait, Shania Twain, Wynonna or as some put it “Fleetwood Mac Heads to the Hills” A recent description of Tori singing some jazzy tunes was “You sound like Billie Holiday on a haywagon”

Possum Holler is…

Possum Holler is a six-person country band that formed in the mid-1990s. The band has released two albums, “Out on a Limb” in 2001 and “Substantially Blue” in 2006.

Band Members Tori Anderson — Lead Vocals Cathy Moats — Harmony Vocals Greg Mills — Bass Guitar & Vocals Michael Anderson — Acoustic Guitar Wes Moats — Drums Greg Elwood — Lead Guitar & Mandolin Bill Clark.

Possum Holler — Headin Home Tour

I am sure most of you have heard about the health issues that some of our band members have experienced over the past few years. We are extremely Thankful for all of the people that have shown us so much love and support. Whether attending our shows, making a financial contribution to our personal causes, offering prayers and encouragement… we do not take for granted how blessed we truly are.

Possum Holler Web Site

Though we have mixed emotions about our decision, the band has decided to head for home at the end of 2011. Together, we have all noticed, that performing has become increasingly difficult for Tori. While she remains positive that she will eventually beat her disease, and the rest of us can’t wait to hear her sing again, 2011 will mark the beginning of the end for Possum Holler as we embark on our: “Headin Home Tour”.

The Amazing Tori Anderson & the Possum Holler Band!

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