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Red Wanting Blue for Hagerstown, MD

Led by singer-songwriter Scott Terry, Red Wanting Blue has toured the US for over a decade and has been releasing records on its own for almost 15 years. With only the aid of word of mouth, Red Wanting Blue has established an exceedingly loyal following in and around its loving home of Columbus, Ohio where the band regularly draws over 1000 fans a night to its shows.

These passionate and poetic songs, driven by the unshakable backbeat of heartland rock-n-roll and anchored by Terry’s powerful and unforgettable baritone, could only be written by a man who has lived life on the road. It’s this moving combination of sound and substance that has enabled this band of underdogs to sell almost 300,000 tracks from eight self-released albums prior to recording its first album for a label.

Preceded by the single “Audition” on September 6th, 2011, Red Wanting Blue‘s latest album From The Vanishing Point comes out on January 10, 2012, marking an official move to the national stage for a band that will always remember where it’s from.

Red Wanting Blue is:

Scott Terry: Vocals, Tenor Guitar, Baritone Ukulele

Mark McCullough: Bass Guitar, Vocals

Greg Rahm: Keys, Guitars, Organ, Vocals

Eric Hall Jr.: Guitars, Lap Steel, Mandolin, Banjo, Vocals

Dean Anshutz: Drums, Percussion, Glockenspiel

Red Wanting Blue Discography:

Velveteen (Self-Released) (1996)

The Image Trigger (Self-Released) (1998)

Model Citizen (Self-Released) (2000)

Sirens (Self-Released) (2001)

Souvenirs of City Life (Self-Released) (2003)

Pride: The Cold Lover (Self-Released) (2004)

The Warehouse Sessions (Self-Released) (2006)

These Magnificent Miles (Self-Released) (2008)

These Magnificent Miles (Fanatic Records) (2010)

From The Vanishing Point (Fanatic Records) (2012)

Press Quotes:

“…enduringly bright, promising and wonderful.” – Blurt

“…delivered with such conviction that you don’t doubt it for a second.” – Performing Songwriter

“…sums up everything anyone is trying to say in pop music today…” – The Aquarian

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Red Wanting Blue quiite simply ROCKS!

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