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The Rehab Band

The Rehab Band! It is all in name, but in fact, the name is relevant to the original members as they met in a rehab facility overcoming addictions to drugs and alcohol. It was here their love of music resonated and they became known quickly as the southern hip-hoppers taking Georgia by storm. In September 2010, these warriors released Welcome Home on Universal Republic. No one can explain that feeling better than this group of guys that have traveled the road of highs and lows that have made them the ‘brothers’ they have become today.

The Birth of the Rehab Band

Around a decade ago, three Georgia boys — Danny Alexander, aka, Danny Boone and a few others formed the Rehab Band. Anchored by their influence of all things hip-hop, from Run DMC and NWA to a Tribe Called Quest and more, they set out on their own musical journey taking their first release “To Whom It May Consume” straight to the streets to sell to their newly garnered hard core fans.

Soon after this release Epic Records caught on and signed the group as one of the founders entered a long term rehab. “Southern Discomfort” was released sans Steaknife, but the Rehab Band didn’t miss a beat with the melodic flavor and hard core rap styling of Danny Boone. After a strong US tour with such acts as Linkin Park, and many units sold, a new direction set forth.

Due to the ubiquitous “creative differences” stance, the Rehab band broke up. After writing and recording many songs on his own, lead singer Danny Boone bought the Rehab Band trademark and set out to revamp the group. Boone made additions to that are still going strong today with Hano Leathers on bass, Mike Hartnett on lead guitar, Fazel Syed, aka Foz on rhythm guitar and Christopher Hood on drums. With some guidance of producer Billy Hume and mix master Phil Tan, the Rehab band released “Graffiti the World” independently and toured extensively for nearly three years in an attempt to rebuild the name. During this tour, Demun Jones, DJ Chris Crisis and Lamar Williams joined the REHAB machine.

In 2008, Universal Records signed the Rehab Band and immediately re-released “Graffiti the World” with a few new songs and supporting a non-stop tour and date with with kindred spirits, Kid Rock and Uncle Kracker. Adding collaborations with Bone Crusher and the legendary Hank Williams, Jr. provided a truly eclectic flavor to the disc and later resulted in a CMT Music Awards nomination for Wide Open Country Video of the Year for the multi-platinum selling single “The Bartender Song,” as well as a spot on Rolling Stone magazine’s “Hot List.”

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Rehab Band Music Success

With the September release of Welcome Home, the Rehab band works with producers Billy Hume and Dallas Austin. The release is full of well-crafted tunes by the group and offers a nice slice of southern rock, country and the staple hip-hop that inspired the group. In today’s blurred genre game, the Rehab Band fits the mold perfectly. With over 2 million downloads and over 300,000 units moved over the past few years, Welcome Home is poised to fit onto anyone’s playlist. Mix it up with Rehab the band, they have and it is a winner


The Rehab Band Rocks!

Rehab Band is one of the most unique music experiences of the century. Rehab band will teach you to love music all over again. Go Rehab Band!

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