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With nearly 12 years in Smokin Gunnz history, and almost 3 years with it’s current line up, Smokin’ Gunnz has become one of the East Coast’s premiere Southern Rock tribute acts. Acclaimed for their ability to recreate the sound of some of Southern Rock’s most respected artists, the four members of Smokin’ Gunnz have road tested and honed their sound to a level of perfection that their growing legion of loyal fans have come to expect. Keeping with the grand tradition of the Great Southern Sound, all the while planting a foot firmly in the future, Smokin Gunnz has begun to carve out their own place in the long, proud heritage of this unique genre of American Music with the addition of their much anticipated original recordings. Whether paying homage to the forefathers who blazed a trail before them or creating their own musical offerings, one listen to this group of seasoned professionals will tell you all you need to know about their dedication to their craft. Smokin Gunnz has no equal.

Smokin Gunnz is:

Robert Morris: Lead Vocals, Drummer

Smokin Gunnz Robert, better known as Bob by all his friends and band members, is a native of Hershey, PA. Bob came from a home of musicians and sat up to his very first drum set at the age for 4. Ever since then, it was a romance that he would not forget or put aside. Also, through the years, as Bob matured musically, he not only fell in love with playing the drums, but also mastered his voice to where he can sing anything with no limitations. Bob’s talents have even landed him a spot on a national television show called ‘Your Big Break’, which aired in the summer of 2000. Bob competed against some of the greatest talents from across the globe to land himself a solid runner-up position. Bob’s previous experience in music has been a very long one. He started out by singing & playing in his family’s band when he was only 5 years old, making appearances all over Pennsylvania . Since then, Bob has played in bands such as The Morris Bros. Band, Maskeraid and Jack, which have been local favorites for years. Having the thunder foot of Bob Morris behind the drums and a whaling voice sounding like Skynyrd’s very own Ronnie Van Zandt and Allman Bros’ own Greg Allman, is the perfect compliment to this Southern Rock power house of a band. Bob as well is an accomplished song writer having a CD of 11 songs of pure originality and Southern Fried Pride and a great addition to the Smokin Gunnz.

Terry Sherry: Bass Guitarist, Back-up Vocals

As Smokin Gunnz solid anchor and holding down the entire bottom, Terry’s supreme ability as a bass player extends way into the next stratosphere. Terry has been hammering out tasteful bass lines in numerous bands throughout the years to be any bass player’s envy!! Terry ’s dedication & love for music has certainly landed him a position in Smokin’Gunnz that could never be replaced by any other. Terry is by far, the perfect bass player for this band. Just watch him play, and you will see why. Terry has been playing music for all his life & it truly shows with every performance with the Smokin Gunnz.

Chris Della Porta: Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Back-up Vocals

Smokin Gunnz Chris got his first taste of music at an early age by way of his Mother’s record collection. Groups like The Faces, Jimi Hendrix, Deep Purple and even Kenny Rogers, are among the groups that first peeked Chris’ curiosity. Chris started playing in the early 80′s. With roots in Pennsylvania and the great state of Texas, it’s easy to hear his love for ‘Southern Fried Rock and Roll’. A guitarist till the end, Chris also brings to the Smokin Gunnz his vocal abilities, which adds to the Gunnz’ searing four-part harmonies. Chris brings to the Smokin Gunnz his love of all music and his experiences in it, while learning from the others. Constantly growing as a musician, and maybe even kicking some ass in the process. This is one of the Smokin Gunnz you want to keep your eyes on!!

Mike Brady: Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Back-up Vocals

Smokin Gunnz Mike was born and raised in York county, got his first guitar (in 1969!) at age twelve and hasn’t put it down since. By the time he was sixteen he was playing lead guitar in a local oldies/country band, playing VFW’s, American legions, carnivals, and every little bar in south central Pa. With a love of southern rock etched in his soul he came out of the Navy and joined a regional southern rock band, Amberjack. He stayed with Amberjack ’till the late eighties. Figuring it was time for a change Mike joined Disorderly Conduct, a variety rock/new rock band from York. After six years with Disorderly Conduct it was time for another change. Mike drifted in and out of several bands, writing originals, and playing blues and classic rock. In 2005 Mike recorded an original acoustic cd and played acoustic shows around York. In mid 2006 he saw an ad for a guitar player for Smokin’ Gunnz. It was time to get back to his roots and rock out the southern rock once again! It took a month for their collective schedules to align and allow Mike and the boys to check each other out. The fit was perfect… Smokin’ Gunnz is a well oiled southern rock machine and Mike is a seasoned veteran having played the last 35 years in various bands with a variety of styles. Joining up with Smokin Gunnz is a match made in kick-ass-southern-rock heaven and a band you’ll have to see, and hear, over and over again, to believe….

Smokin Gunnz Wants To…

All Smokin Gunnz members have enjoyed sharing the stage at one time or another in their careers playing with such southern rock greats as Jakson Spires, drummer and co-founder of the nationally known rock band, Blackfoot. Also to their credits come along with playing and sharing the stage with Molly Hatchet’s founder, Dave Hlubek, lead guitarist. Jakson and Dave have fame for writing such popular songs as, Highway Song, Train, Train, Flirtin With Disaster, Bounty Hunter, Gator Country just to name a few. Jakson Spires has recently passed and we are grateful we had a opportunity to meet and perform with such a great talent . We are also glad to see Dave is back with his band Molly Hatchet.

Smokin Gunnz has only one goal, and that is that our fans enjoy listening to our music as much as we enjoy bringing it to them. We are dedicated to bringing only the finest performances to the stage . We are sure that like all others who have experienced the performance of Smokin’ Gunnz live, the only thing that will come to mind is, “Where are they going to be playing next?”

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