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Dean Cramer & So Low are Back!

The last time So Low was at Break Away II Sports Lounge, Dean Cramer wrote:

So Low Writes About Break Away II

I (So Low band) just confirmed a Friday, Feb 27th show in Hagerstown, MD, opening for my pals, Jester at the Break Away II Sports Lounge. The starting time is not yet been determined, but I’ll repost when it’s in stone (likely either 9:00 or 10:00)I know that a lot of you have been unable to attend prior SO LOW shows, due to the traveling distance involved. Your excuse has now flown out the window.

Plus, keep in mind that I don’t play "that many" shows with this band, so catch it as you can-it’s been getting pretty favorable responses from it’s beginning, and I feel the band itself is coming along nicely. For a 3 piece group, we make some decent noise! I’m heavily contemplating adding a new tune to the set. I have a couple in mind, but the interesting part of it all is that they are songs that NO ONE has even heard in their finished state-not even ME…because they are not yet done!!

Soooo, I do plan on getting at least one done ASAP, in time for the show in Feb. It will also be a tune submitted for the new FUNNY MONEY record, so where it finally shows up, we’ll have to wait and see.

Here’s a couple of the So Low Working Titles:

-Headline Waiting To Happen
-Fall On Me
-Chicken Picken

Yes, I said they are WORKING titles-nothing’s set in stone. In fact, they are all likely to be submitted for FM…
Now that you’ve all received tons of advance notice, I hope that we can pack the venue and let the owners know that rock ‘n’ roll is alive and kickin’ booty! Again, …Peace-D!C!
The So Low Band

*D!C! — Guitars & Vox
*Alex Hicks — Drums & Vox
*Edmund Alan Brown — Bass & Vox
*Justin Parks — Guitar & Vox
*Mark Schenker — Studio Bass

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