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South of Sobriety

 South of Sobriety produces loud sounds and grooves and washes it down with brews. Talk about a good band. These guys rock. After ten minutes on stage they have you begging for more. Your head will be spinning out of control!

South of Sobriety is a Really New Band

They are the newest band to hit the tri-state area. Not that these boyz haven’t been around. Chris, Philly and Owen are three of the original members of Medieval. With new drummer Jared (the goat) they are hitting the bricks with cover songs. Originals to come…

South of Sobriety is a Chambersburg Area Band

Hailing from the Chambersburg, PA area, the band is:
Chris Wagaman
Philip (Philly) Roberts
Owen Hendrickson
Jared (the goat) Showe.
South of Sobriety on Facebook

Some of their likes and big influences are Defyance, LOVEHATETHING, Sauce, Wicked Sinsation, No Warning,
Jester, DEADLOCKED, Hagerstown Area Rock Bands, BLACKWATER STILL, 101.5 BOB ROCKS, Calisus.

It’s not just a band name, it’s a lifestyle. With their high energy brand of hard rock, and their loyal group of followers, they have made a big splash on the Hagerstown music scene. Currently playing covers of all your favorite hard rock/metal bands, and future plans for original music, they are a show not to be missed.

South of Sobriety Rocks!

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