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These are #1 Heavy "Fat Boy" Fresh
Live Crabs Steamed Daily

Dine In and Carry Out
Available 7 Days a Week
Current Crab Prices per Dozen  (1/2 dozen available)

We have steamed crabs in Small, Medium, Large, X-Large and Jumbo sizes.

We also offer mixed (small and medium) and Large in 1/2 and 1 Bushel orders.

Steamed Crabs are Available to Eat In or Carry Out.

Maybe you are only interested in a steamed crab leg or two.

We have those as well!

Call Ahead at Least 30 Minutes for Carry Out.

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Heavy or Fat Boy Steamed Crabs

The image on the left is that of a fat boy crab. He is showing a pink sign meaning he will probably molt in less than a week. Note the rusty looking areas below his mouth and the dirty appearance of his abdomen. This is a heavy, completely fattened up inside and ready for a new shell.

The image on the right is that of a whitey. Note his clean, bright white, abdomen. This means that he has recently molted and is wearing his new shell. He has not yet had a chance to fatten up inside and will contain about 1/3 less meat than his counterpart on the left. Do yourself a favor and throw whitey back, for if you cook him, he will most certainly be hollow (full of water) and contain very little meat.

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There is no industry standard for grading hard crabs. For instance, a crab that is graded "large" in one region would be graded "medium" in another region. We are at the mercy of the suppliers. We only order #1 Fat boys. As far as the sizing goes, we size the crabs after we receive them and sort accordingly. We prefer to take the conservative approach and serve crabs with more meat and a little larger than what you would normally expect.

Our steamed crabs will send you to the beach and back!