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Surrender the Fall Live at Break Away II Sports Lounge

Surrender the Fall is Savage, Straight-Forward, Dirty, Sexy, Intense, Rock & Roll Wreckage!  The Debut STF Record, "BURN IN THE SPOTLIGHT!!!" – 13 Tracks about the LOVE, the HATE, the PAIN & EVERYTHING in between! From songs such as "LOVE/HATE MASQUERADE" & "DEEPER INSIDE" to "SOME KIND OF PERFECT" & "40 & 12", get ready to be polarized by LOUD, SAVAGE, GUITAR-DRIVEN riffs-HIGH ENERGY drums & FIST PUMPING Anthems about
Never Giving Up to the Dirty, Sexy Soundtracks of those Intoxicated Nights of Debauchery: So, Get Your MIDDLE FINGERS UP & CRANK THE AMPS TO 11! SURRENDER THE FALL IS EVERYTHING YOU WANT THEM TO BE!!

"We weren’t playing around with this record or this band! We wanted to be straight up, honest & in your face with our lives, the record & the rest of the world…and I think we’ve done just that.", says Cole, the frontman for the 5 piece rock & roll band that’s based out of Memphis, TN.

With the same struggles that every band faces; from grinding city to city & paying "the dues" to member changes and style adjustments…The guys in STF continued to "push the outside of the envelope", says Cole (a memorable concept from the old film, "The Right Stuff") in order to create a sound, stage show performance & an overall reputation all their own.

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After years of playing shows, DIY touring and being a self-motivated machine, STF joined efforts with Luis Bacardi & the RUMBUM team to push the band to the next level. Soon after showcasing in front of the label for the Official Lollapalooza Afterparty in Chicago, IL,(@ Hard Rock Hotel Chicago) plans were being made for the long awaited, full length STF debut.

Surrender the Fall headed to SONIC RANCH STUDIOS for 5 1/2 weeks to immortalize the album material that would later be titled "BURN IN THE SPOTLIGHT", meaning "get to the place you’ve always wanted to be in life (your personal spotlight) and fight to stay there!" They teamed up with John Galt Entertainment’s Jeffery Pringle (producer) artist/producer Lennon Murphy (of the bands Lennon & Devils Gift) Scotty Smith (producer) &
Frank Shooflar (producer) & began production on the record. "Between the strong lyric & vocal melodies and the solid overall work ethic that these guys have, the chemistry was just what we needed to make this record what it has become," says Lennon Murphy, Co-Producer.

This record encompasses everything that we have lived and learned throughout the years. We wanted to capture the intensity of the live show and give you guys "our spin" on life and what it’s like to win, lose, love, hate, fight and feel. It’s only our interpretation so feel free to love it or hate it!! For those of you that love it, WE LOVE YOU!!! And those that hate it…plug your ears…we aren’t going anywhere for a while!

Surrender the Fall will rock your universe upside down and inside out.


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