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T.T.Max Band

The MAX is back! Former members of Hershey/Harrisburg area rock band TT MAX have reunited. Members include Todd Eric Bender/lead vocals, Keith Barshinger/lead guitar, Doug Geyer/drums, Mike Nixon/bass and Robert Scott/guitars and keys.

What is T.T.Max Band All About?

The MAX vibe is more about a lot of band for your buck….its a freaking rock show… a trip through the 80s legends into the 90s, and what is hot on the rock radar today. The music is focused on hit after hit of the last 25 years. If you like your music a bit on the raunchy bad boys of rock side, this band is right up your alley. TT MAX is a loud, in your face, good time, chug your beer and dance your butt off rock and roll experience! This is the real deal folks….talk of the T.T.Max band reuniting has often been brought up in recent years by fans who made T.T. MAX BAND a regional success.

You Asked for T.T.Max Band

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Well folks, you asked for it, you’ve got it. TT MAX is back to kick some butt! You’ve all been warned! Watch out ’cause T.T.Max band is on the way!

T.T.Max Band is absolutely rockin!

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