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The 4 Leaf Loser is 3 of the 4 members of “METAGHIUS” & have played together for the past 7 years. We started this all original project about 3 years ago & are currently recording our first album together as “The 4 Leaf Loser” which is based off of songs that our singer Billy Brown had written on his acoustic guitar. We are in the process & at this point Billy is playing all the guitar tracks but we are searching for 2 guitarists due to the fact the he doesn’t want to play guitar live because he feels the live energy will suffer. If u are not familiar with us please check out music from our album as METAGHIUS @ MYSPACE.COMMETAGHIUS.

The 4 Leaf Loser Genre

Alternative/Modern Rock, Heavy Metal, Acoustic

The 4 Leaf Loser Has This to Say

If I’m not remembered for my music I don’t want to be remembered at all! He was born William Brown on 8/23/1986 in Rockville, MD Billy has always had a love for music. To date he has played more than his fair share of live shows & in his fair share of bands & musical projects. Currently he is the lead singer of modern hard rock band “Metaghius” & one half of the acoustic/hip-hop act “Eight-20 Three” but on his own as “The Four Leaf Loser” he shows a softer more emotional side… of his musical spectrum with smooth acoustic guitar progression & ever changing melody which only speak the truth..”If I haven’t lived it I won’t write it”. The loser is currently working on the follow up to his self-titled debut album as well as the third but yet to be titled “Eight-20 Three” album. You can hear a completely diferent side of the loser on Stateline artist Rebel’s debut album “Rebel State of Mind” in which he lent his vocal talents on two track entitled “Turn Off the Lights” & “Keep Ya Head Up”. Stay tuned for upcoming shows & album info.

The 4 Leaf Loser Influences

Dave Matthews, Rob Thomas, Pantera, Days of the New, Jason Mraz, Brad Paisley, Aaron Lewis…Anyone who has ever had something truthful to say within a good melody.

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In August of 2010, Billy Brown started working on his first full length acoustic album "Personal Rehab" under his alias "The 4 Leaf Loser" after the split of his band "Metaghius" which ended at the height of their popularity after 7 years. During the demo process he decided to make a full production album rather than the original acoustic idea due to the success he had with "Metaghius".Since th…is was a solo project
Billy had to write for any & all instruments that would be on the album(Rhythm/Lead Guitars, Bass, Piano/Keyboard & Drums) as well as play them during the recording sessions.In January, 2011 Billy decided to stop production on "Personal Rehab" until he put a band together around his vision that would breathe life into the dozens of acoustic songs he had written. The first call he made was to his former "Metaghius" band mate, Bassist Richard Hinsley, who immediately joined the project. Secondly, Bobby Strawderman a childhood friend of Billy’s from his hometown of North Beach, MD agreed to jump aboard as their drummer. After adding Bobby to the Line up the newly formed 3 piece was at a stand still, they couldn’t find a lead guitar player who was both driven & reliable anywhere. In February, 2011 during a "Gelatinous Hannah" practice (a side project of Rich & Billy’s including former "Metaghius" drummer Randy "Fats" Shaffer as well as "101.5 Bob Rocks" Crazy Bob & Ginger Bob") Fats introduced a new member to "Gelatinous Hannah" Spencer Peyton as a second guitar player. After jamming a few times Rich & Billy decided they wanted to see if Spencer was interested in their project in which they asked him to come & jam with all of them the following week.On March 12, 2011, The first jam with all 3 "4LL" members & Spencer came together & the chemistry clicked right away & he also joined the band.

The 4 Leaf Loser is:

Billy Brown – Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
Larry Shirley – Bass/Vocals
Spencer Peyton – Lead Guitar/Vocals
Randy "FATS" Shaffer – Drums/Percussion

Currently we are finishing the writing process of our debut album "Personal Rehab" set to be released by "Eight20Three Records/State Line Entertainment, LLC" in 2012.

Check us out LIVE on August 27, 2011 at "Summer Bash 2011" @ Breakaway 2 along with "South of Sobriety" & Special Guests.


The 4 Leaf Loser is an outstanding band.  The 4 Leaf Loser will rock your world! Once you hear the 4 Leaf Loser, nothing else will satisfy your needs!

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