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Two Face Band

Two Face band is a rock band from Hagerstown, MD. Members consist of Jason Bard on vocals, Justin Parks on lead guitar, Doug High on bass and Pat Henson on drums. Straight forward coverband, TwoFace band brings you everything from Led Zeppelin to Alice In Chains. With shows full of high energy, in your face, rock-n-roll, this is a band not to be missed!

How Did Two Face Band Come About?

Two Face band came about when Joey Bowles decided to come back to good ole’ Maryland, after a long stay in Florida. Joey contacted Rik to touch base and found out that Justin had become a kick-ass guitar player. Joey expressed interest in getting together and jamming. Rik decided to get ahold of Pat Henson to see if he was available to get together, and unexpectedly he was. I say unexpectedly because, anyone that knows Pat, knows he does NOT sit still long enough to be available…

Two Face band had their first practice on May 2nd of 08".

Two Face Band Begins to Come Together

Many practices later, Two Face band found themselves in need of a bass player. Joey and Rik, (even Pat for a brief period) used to be in a band called Frenzy in the 90′s, and played with Doug High. Rik got ahold of Doug and asked if he was interested in the position and he readily accepted.

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Two Face band rocks Hagerstown, MD.

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